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Link Keeper – Desktop Organiser Wallpaper Chromebook Google Docs


All your most important digital resources in one place. A desktop organiser wallpaper alternative for Chromebook and Google Drive users. Just pin to the shelf, add your links and give yourself a big pat on the back improving your productivity.  

The Link Keeper was created out of jealousy really. I saw all the pretty desktop organiser wallpapers for PCs and cursed that I had to go hunting through files on my Google Drive to find that one thing that I downloaded because it looked really useful, but it’s taken me 3 months to get back around to using it. 

Or when I forgot about that mini course I started, but then life happened and I thought I’ll get back to that, but then couldn’t remember how to find the log in page again. 

Or when I want to find that template but I’ve got a bad case of mamma brain and I just can’t remember what it was called. Never again:

  • Your Chromebook / Google Doc alternative to desktop organiser wallpaper.  
  • Keep all your important links in one place. 
  • Organise by category. 
  • Minimalist design to keep you focused. 
  • Fully customisable Google Doc. 
  • Easy access, just pin to your desktop shelf. 
  • Includes video instructions to help you get the most out of your product (Google-Doc-newbie friendly). 


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